No one gets married thinking they will get divorced…..

Perhaps not comforting, but the fact is that you’re not the only one getting divorced, 40% of all marriages in Canada end in divorce. Although the decision to end your marriage has become a socially common phenomenon, it is one of the most emotional and stressful events a married couple can go through.

Every divorce is unique, the choice to proceed with the dissolution of your marriage is a tough enough decision and can entail difficult and often burdensome choices. Often the decision of who gets the house, who will ”buy-out” the marital home or the agreement to sell the house and split the proceeds can be a painstaking and daunting experience. Regardless of your individual situation, it’s a good idea to get an appraisal so both parties are completely aware of the true market value of their home.

Our team of appraisers at Affiliated Property Group are dedicated to assisting you in receiving a fair and accurate assessment of your home or properties. Our goal is that you will have a better understanding of your true property value and a clearer perception of the real estate market within your community.