Home appraisals you can depend on

Whether you are looking to determine the value of a high-rise condominium, townhouse, apartment complex or custom-built home, our professional real estate appraisers can help—establishing a fair, accurate figure you can literally take to the bank.

 Mortgage financing

Our appraisals are accepted by approximately 99 percent of all lenders in Canada, including a wide range of banks, trust companies, co-operatives and mortgage brokers.

Estate planning appraisals

Our estate-planning appraisals come in a variety of formats—at the level of detail you need—to help clarify capital gains and minimize your future tax liability.

Estate settling appraisals

When a person’s estate is transferred to family members or others, a valuation of the assets is often required. We have years of experience providing valuations appraisals for accounting and legal firms, trust companies and private individuals.

Property assessment appeals

The Province of Ontario regularly updates assessments on all types of real estate. If you are not satisfied with your property assessment one of our appraisers can evaluate it and, if necessary, assist you with your assessment appeal.

Division of assets and divorce appraisals

When divorces or separations occur, both spouses require an asset division valuation for real estate holdings. We make sure these are completed in a way that makes them suitable to serve as material evidence in a court of law if required.

Capital gains and taxation appraisals

Since the introduction of the capital gains tax in 1972, property owners in Canada have often required appraisals of their properties for taxation purposes. Working from our extensive database, we can help you establish market values for capital gains purposes.